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Developing Customer Loyalty

Tuduma is an IT services and consultancy company in the United Kingdom. In an overly diverse and crowded industry with potential low cost to entry, startup competitors appear overnight, making it more challenging for the company to secure their position in the market. Tuduma engaged with Donald & Fish to overhaul an outdated brand image and redevelop all brand touch points. Needing a total reinvestment to ensure users engage with their product and develop a strong loyalty to their business, we assessed and benchmarked the brand. We positioned Tuduma as a strategic partner to clients, and designed and developed a better UX in their client portal for them to demonstrate process differentiation and create trust with the client in an otherwise commoditized marketplace. We launched a new digital presence and refined customer messaging and framework across all touch points.

The work

Brand Strategy
Website UI & UX Design & Development
Application UI & UX Design
Business Stationary
Email Newsletter
Client On Boarding Process
Social Media Profiling & Setup
Office Poster Design
Video Storyboard & Production