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A new approach to private equity.

Lintel Capital Private Equity Fund

Lintel Capital is a private equity fund based in London, United Kingdom. The Lintel Capital Management team is comprised of entrepreneurs, business builders, and senior financial and legal professionals to create a well-rounded investment and growth culture. They are seen as experts in tailoring credit and equity solutions for emerging market opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible through traditional funding sources. Lintel Capital reached out to mondayfriday to unify and strengthen their identity system and digital experience that would better communicate their unique philosophy to potential clients, and help differentiate themselves within their industry as a leading private equity fund operating in global emerging markets. The updated branding system visualised a look that is confident, modern, classic and bold. The aesthetic boasts clean lines, block colours and emotive imagery. We utilised geometric shapes, clean typography and a luxurious colour palette of black, royal blue and gold to create a branding foundation that is distinct.

The work

Unified Branding
Web UI/UX Design & Development
Custom Visual Strategy & Content
Business Stationary
Presentation Design