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The caffeine hit your business needs.

Whether you have a business that needs some support, focus or invigoration, or perhaps you have been going well in business but feel a little stale…not sure what you need to do to step it up another notch; or you just need a strong hit of caffeine to get your business energized again, then we may just be the team for you.

We are a multi-disciplined duo with a passion for creating brands that resonate.

We work with South African and International clients.

Our strengths are our ability to deeply understand our clients challenges and needs; to put in place practical and affordable solutions; and our team comes together to offer a full service support system for our projects, offering world class work under one roof. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we believe that doing something different is possible. Geography is irrelevant, and advances in technology make it possible for us to connect in a new way – but we still do business like the good old days – we appreciate our relationships more than anything.

Dominique Feldwick-Davis

Managing Director | Creative | Strategy

Dominique is a designer and brand strategist. She has worked with several high-impact business incubators and accelerators, alongside early-stage ventures and initiatives, to SMEs and global businesses. With exposure to a wide range of business operations and management experience, she has brought these capabilities into the creative agency space.  Passion and perfectionist focus on a brand’s identity and culture contribute to her creating remarkable work with impact.

Keith Feldwick-Davis

Director | Front-End | UI

Keith John is the founding director of Donald & Fish, where he oversees the development of everything digital: web UI & UX, apps, and overall customer experience. Keith started his career in New Zealand, in digital design for TBWA. He has a high focus areas on front end UI/UX and web design in WordPress. With seventeen years of experience behind him, he has developed and designed websites through many changing technologies and design transformations in web.

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We would love to work with you to inject some new energy and life into your business,

help you gain clarity around the goals you want to achieve and implement practical actions to reach them. Whether you’re after answers or pricing, you can contact us in any of the following ways – either send us your query in the form below or Skype chat us for quick turnaround. Skype: dfstudiocreative


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